Mercure Hotel Sydney

All Mercure Hotels follow the Accor Environmental Charter with 20 priority action points identified to reduce energy and water consumption and improve waste management and recycling. These 20 action points are adhered to by all Mercure Hotels.

Mercure Meetings will be Carbon Neutral; Greenhouse gases produced during the meeting will be offset by funding efficient energy sources through the Carbon Reduction Institute. The funding of these offsets will be funded by the hotels and will not be passed on to our guests.

Mercure conference guests also have the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions produced from their flights to and from the meeting through the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Mercure Meetings will calculate the carbon offsets for each hotel by the use of a carbon calculator developed specifically for the Mercure Brand by the Carbon Reduction Institute. Our calculator is tailored to each individual hotel by the Carbon Reduction Institute working with the our hotel.

NABERS Energy Rating Results
Star rating 3.0 stars star ratingstar ratingstar rating (0% GreenPower)
Greenhouse gas intensity (scope 1, 2 & 3) 11158 kg CO2-e per room p.a

NABERS Water Rating Results

Star rating 2.5 stars star ratingstar ratinghalf star rating
Total consumption 63818 kL p.a
Water consumption intensity 123 kL per room p.a