Mohamed Elbadwi – (Intern Saudi Arabia)

I'm Mohamed Elbadwi, 30 years old, Originally from Sudan, was born in Maddinah, East of Saudi Arabia and now I'm living in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I love to meet new people from different background, gain new experience, explore new cultures and try new things, also to get to work with different people for all over the world.

I am endurance athlete, Pet rescuer, Runner, Experiential Event Producer and developer, Strategic planner; Self motivated, Seeing the big picture in the tiniest details and always maintain positive and constructive mindset that helps me to achieve targets by all possible means.

Backed up with my extensive theoretical and solid practical experience in:
(Mass Communication, Filmmaking, Photography, PR, journalism, Marketing, Events Management and the experience that I gain in media and events production industry after 9 years allowed me to lead the whole process of projects at all levels, I believe that I am ready to make outstanding contributions for any organization.

My working experience also includes Business development, B2B, CSR, Advertising, Branding and managing acquisitions and new businesses/ Startup.

I believe that a single hand cannot clap that's why I truly do believe in our power to come together as One the "power of we".

I have always considered the environmental aspects and the sustainability as the cornerstone for any project or event.

I plan to educate myself more about the sustainable event management until I became ready to help in introducing the concept to our industry.

My overarching objective is to implement the sustainable event management in MENA region by 40% by 2022.

That's why I joined SEA to be with the right people who work and care about our future and to share and spread the right Knowledge and best practices with our colleagues as the events can have high contribution and positive impact toward our communities to make the world a better place for all of us.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interesting projects.

MD (at)