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Safe drinking water from the tap at the right pressure. Problem-free and environmentally-friendly disposal of waste water. MTD takes care of water all over the world.

For more than 30 years MTD has provided experienced and passionate employees, high quality equipment and the latest technology to different projects, anywhere in the world, for an optimal supply and treatment of water.

We provide temporary water infrastructures for both drinking water and waste water. We have the right knowledge of the sectors: Events, Exhibitions and Industry.
Safe drinking water is essential and therefore no risks can be taken.

In its environmental policy has MTD laid down the principles of its approach with regard to the environment. MTD will fulfill to all (inter)national relevant environmental legislations. It will respect (inter)national legislation with regard to waste disposal and transportation. MTD has an environmental management system according to the ISO-14001 standard to ensure to our customers that the services they purchase have been established using methods that are respectful to our planet. For this reason, is MTD most proud of the following accomplishments:
• Resource Efficiency – 99% of materials brought to site will be returned for re-use at other projects.
• Resource Efficiency – Water and electricity use will be monitored and actively minimized.
• Waste Management – 100%, by mass, of waste generated on site will be taken offsite, for treatment and disposal by an environmentally conscious and certified company.
• Reducing Single-use Plastics – 100%, by supplying drinking fountains (with branding) on an event, the public can refill their reusable bottles.