New SEA Accredited Professionals hail from Finland and South Africa.

The Sustainable Event Alliance is proud to announce the newest cohorts to the Accredited Professional program are from Finland and South Africa – proving that sustainable event management is being embraced across the globe.

Crecilda van der Merwe started her career as an Environmental Consultant and has since been assisting events with planning, managing and mitigating their environmental impacts. Her consultancy company NCC Group works with many events that pass through National Parks and conservation areas, which require detailed planning to ensure their sustainability for future events.

Crecilda is excited to be part of the SEA and a global community of sustainable event specialists: “Never before has there been so much pressure to start making radical changes to how we live and work sustainably.  For the event industry it’s not a bandwagon, it’s about what we leave for those still to come.

“As a consultant you are always in search of ways to improve the advice and guidance you give to your clients.  By joining the SEA as a member and completing the Professional Accreditation I have unlocked an exciting and dynamic cosmos where I can share and learn more about sustainable event management internationally. 

“I am excited about this new journey and the potential it has for me to guide my clients on a road to sustainable events – I encourage others to do the same. “ says van der Merwe.

Elina Levula is a sustainability specialist from Finland and has worked in various sustainability projects in event industry since 2008 in UK and Finland. She has Master’s degree in Corporate Environmental Management (University of Jyväskylä), including minor studies in environmental science and major studies in tourism. She is one of the founders of Visia Cooperative, which provides sustainability consulting services for events, companies, public organisations and NGOs.

Elina is proud to be the first SEA Accredited Professional from Finland. ”Finland is known for four seasons, clean air and water, a thousand lakes and stereotypically quiet people. What might be surprising is that Finland has SO MANY events. 

We have also very unique events and professional event industry. In the past few years 'developing sustainability of events' has become much more mainstream. What is great is that the sustainability issues in events and more widely in our society are resolved by open-hearted networking and new kind of collaborations. 

SEA for one is an amazing network that I would recommend anyone passionate about sustainability in event industry to join. Because when solving sustainability issues there are no walls, just bridges.”


SEA Accredited Professionals are recognised for their up-to-date knowledge and experience within the field of sustainability in event management and their competency to advise, assess or train others.

SEA Members may apply to become an SEA Accredited Professional. Thereafter there is no cost to apply. Organisation members may put one person through the SEA Accredited Program. Additional staff members must join the SEA as individual members.

Apart from SEA membership prerequisites to become an SEA Accredited Professional are:

Professional Experience:

  • a minimum of 24 months demonstrated sustainability-in-event-management practice which includes planning and delivery, including onsite operations.
  • held an operational role with responsibilities and decision-making authority on event planning and delivery.
  • gained required experience through professional experience or a combination of professional experience and education.


  • an understanding of sustainable development principles as they relate to event production.
  • competency to identify sustainability issues as they relate to event management and to develop plans of action to deliver improved sustainability performance.
  • an understanding of the administrative, technical and regulatory requirements that are applicable to sustainability in event management

Candidates undertake a 75-question online competency assessment, which is anonymously peer-reviewed by fellow SEA Accredited Professionals. Once assessed and approved, candidates are asked to contribute new knowledge to the sector and SEA members.