Novotel on Darling Harbour

Located in Sydney's Darling Harbour this 4 star accommodation has plenty to offer. For tourists or business travelers and meetings this Green Globe certified establishment can be very accessible and versatile. With panoramic views of beautiful Sydney this hotel offers bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gymnasium, and tennis courts.

This Novotel location has made a strong commitment to greening themselves to reduce negative impacts on the environment. They have pledged to improve both environmentally and socially by exceeding expectations of the Green Globe certification.

For the year 2011, they plan to:

  • reduce energy consumption by 3%
  • monitor and record water loss through cooling towers and other areas and making consistent adjustments to improve
  • better recycling methods through Co-Mingled Mix Recycling techniques
  • active participation in community environment events
  • added staff training on hotel specific environmental policies and procedures.