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Pilar Lopez 


Co-founder Respect 

Pilar is an architect and co-founder of Respect, a Chilean company dedicated to providing service and advice in sustainability for events and businesses. Since 2010, Respect partners have worked in various large-scale events in most Chilean stages, including international festivals, concerts, public events, sport events, among others.

So far, the work carried out by Respect has helped reduce environmental impact on the events they have participated, where they have applied as reduction measures: the use of reusable cups, recycling, promoting bicycle and carpool commuting, as well as the calculation and compensation of the carbon footprint and efficient use of energy. Pilar relies on her profession to work on sustainability from the planning, development and implementation of actions that allow the parties involved to calculate the effects on the environment in order to carry out the best possible management, which helps to achieve a lower impact in the environment.

Along with his partner Alvaro Morales, they are recognized leaders in the sustainable transformation of the events industry in Chile and their trajectory was key to the elaboration of the first “Good Practice Guide for Environmentally Sustainable Events”, presented in 2019 by the Ministry of Environment of Chile.