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PremiAir have set the market standard in the ever growing sustainability and green focused event circuit, having powered events such as Live Green, the globally acknowledged Live Earth and the Peats Ridge Festival.

The range of Bio Diesel powered generators and lighting towers are delivering massively reduced carbon footprints.
We supply carbon neutral power solutions to the Events Circuit, Film Industry and all Government Departments.

  • Bio Diesel Powered Generators
  • Silenced and film silenced skid or trailer mounted sets
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Onsite Electrical Setup
  • Bio Diesel Lighting Towers
  • Solar Traffic Management Equipment
  • Fuel Management Solutions - Onsite Refuelling Services, choice of Bio Diesel blends.

As an organisation we are always looking at ways in reducing our carbon footprint by introducing new practices and staying abreast of new industry standards within the events industry.
At present sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do in delivering hire solutions to the events industry. This year we have been working closely with our suppliers and have identified that we can further reduce our carbon footprint by introducing new products such as oil and filters that are environmentally friendly.
Double Refined oils supplied by EnviroLube are used in all our diesel equipment, delivery trucks and staff vehicles as well as biodegradable filters.
Double Refined base oils are extracted from used oil, by subjecting the used oil to the same processes used to extract base oil from geological crude oils. Hence the term double refined -refined once from crude oil and refined again from used oil. Provided the re-refining is done correctly, following processes similar to those used in a conventional refinery, the base oils produced are as good if not superior to virgin oils, providing exceptional thermal stability, low temperature flow properties and consistency.
PremiAir has been a strong advocate of biodiesel since 2003, while other companies chose to sit on the fence and not address green house gas emissions, we at PremiAir made a decision to switch at the time it was perceived as nothing short of BOLD. Since 2003 we have been doing our part for the earth’s future by reducing our carbon foot print and that of our customers. We now operate full-time fuel delivery trucks that service our hire fleet, many external customers and an ever growing number of Government departments and local councils that are now also running their diesel powered fleets on Biodiesel.
Making the switch to biodiesel was a decision we made easily, however the choice of Bio Fuel was a more involved process as the performance and maintenance of our equipment was critical.
PremiAir are firm believers that an integral part of running an EFFICIENT AND CUSTOMER FOCUSED hire and sales company is having the ability to get the equipment to where it is required when it is required. With our own fleet of tilt trays and hiab trucks we can deliver the service our customers have come to expect from PremiAir. Our entire fleet of trucks are run on bio diesel and contribute to reducing green house gas emissions. While predominately servicing our internal needs, the transport arm also caters to a select group of external customers that have the same high standards as PremiAir.