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Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar 


Co-founder Pilcrow Communications

Ratika is co-founder of Pilcrow, an event agency started in 2011 with the purpose of creating events that bring about positive behaviour change.

Driven by the core value of purpose, Pilcrow launched its first festival in 2015 called Kids Culinaire. With its overlying atmosphere of fun, this food festival was a great way to teach children about healthy eating and raised awareness about relevant concerns such as lifestyle diseases, proper hygiene, waste segregation, etc..

In 2019 Ratika took a sabbatical from work to rebrand Pilcrow and to write a book for children on waste segregation. She also used this time to take courses on Waste Management and Sustainable Event Management to enhance her knowledge on the subject, and is very excited about the new avatar of Pilcrow, which she hopes will redefine the future of events in India.