Each country of the world, and even region or province within a country has differing approaches to sustainable development. This degree of engagement in sustainable development, has an effect on how well events are likely to also be produced sustainably.

Our country representatives and interns have researched this information, including aspects such as population, economic prosperity, agriculture and industry, so that the stage can be set for events and sustainability performance.

There is also information on the event industry and also the stage that country or region is at in addressing sustainability in event management.

So What Makes a Sustainable Destination?

We think the following aspects reflect a destination's Sustainability Index:

  1. Ensures sustainable resource management, including water, forests, minerals/mining, and fossil fuel extraction.
  2. Encourages and demonstrates leadership in sustainable agricultural practices, including availability of locally grown food.
  3. Demonstrating stewardship principles in biodiversity and environmental protection.
  4. Has outstanding performance in recycling and biodegradable waste diversion from landfill and incineration.
  5. Is working towards increasing creation of renewable energy supply.
  6. Encourages micro-generation of electricity, adoption of feed-in tariffs, or RECs.
  7. Has an effective Climate Change Policy and GHG reduction goals.
  8. Has effective and well used public transport infrastructure.
  9. Encourages walking and cycling, through both communications/campaigns and infrastructure.
  10. Holds a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or similar protocol.
  11. Upholds the principles of ethical business practices and democratic governance, including transparency and anti-corruption measures.
  12. Has engaged citizens and a sense of community support and involvement.
  13. Has established eco-labelling programs throughout the supply chain or other programs to encourage and recognise best practice in sustainability performance across various industry sectors and the supply chain.
  14. Recognises, encourages and supports sustainable building practices ("Green Building") along with sustainable operating practices of buildings.
  15. Has safe and fair working conditions for its citizens, including fair working wages and acceptable minimum wages.
  16. Has social welfare programs, including acceptable provision of health, education and policing.
  17. Ensures child, forced, unfair or unsafe labour practices are not supported through products and materials used or sold in the destination.
  18. Encourages diversity and has a generous immigration and refugee policy. Has anti-discrimination policies and laws.
  19. Has policies which encourage and reward innovation in sustainable solutions and practices.
  20. Has programs to engage citizens and businesses in sustainable development, sustainable living and sustainable business practices.

And For Sustainable Events?

  1. Sustainably built and operated venues are available.
  2. Sustainably built and operated accommodation/hotels/lodging are available.
  3. Event industry practitioners have events sustainability competencies.
  4. Events in the destination have achieved conformity with ISO 20121 or relevant national standard or certification.
  5. Suppliers with sustainable materials and products are available. (printing, signage, decor, merchandise).
  6. Service providers (caterers, contractors) with ability to provide sustainable solutions are available.
  7. Local, seasonal and organic food for catering is available.
  8. Equipment and infrastructure with sustainability credentials is available for hire. (toilets, lighting, staging, sounds).
  9. Local business chamber, tourism body and/or convention bureau support proliferation of sustainable event production practice.
  10. Local government has policy, programs and resources which can support the proliferation of sustainable solutions in the event industry and its supply chain.

How Does Your Destination Perform?

Give us your opinion on how various destinations perform:

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