Ren Reklame og Ren Events


Ren Reklame ("Clean Advertisement")

Organisation located in Oslo who uses the outdoor space for creative advertisement. They take advantage of dirty and cluttered spaces and 'clean their message into the dirt', as well as using organic and found material and natural elements such as snow to produce the desired advertisement.

Ren Reklame developed another branch called Ren Event which produces green events from start to finish, with a goal to leave no footprint behind.

Supporting a Norwegian charity Utviklingsfondet they donate 1 NOK per litre of water that is consumed and used in commercial projects. As explained on their website they use an average of five to ten litres of water in one cleaning and creating one advertisement (Ren Reklame Website)

Clients include Grøntpunkt, Cultura Bank, Fairtrade, Øya Festivalen, The Environmental Party, Slottsfjell festival, Oslo Marathon, Beer and Food Festival and more. See the full list on their website.





Address: Ren Reklame, Osterhausgate 27, 0183 Oslo

Telephone: (+47) 46 66 86 46


source: Ren Reklame Website