Ruben Beltran Palafox – Intern Mexico

Date Commenced: October 1st, 2012

I studied Industrial Engineering as bachelor degree with a minor in Systemic Thinking. I have master degree in Business Administration and I currently studying another master in Public Administration and Governance. I also have an Erasmus Mundus master degree in Environmental Science from Aalborg University in Denmark, the Technical Univeristy of Hamburg-Harburg in Germany and the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain. I love to study languages, from English to French, German, Italian and Portuguese. I have also studied in a lesser degree Greek, Catalan, Danish and Japanese. Spanish in my mother tongue.

My major concern regarding sustainability is the relationship between what should be done and what could be done under current economic interests, trends and needs. I am sure, event management, is an area that could be developed so that it adds up to the multiple efforts towards reaching sound sustainable policies and practices. Since there is not much done, there is a lot of actions that should be done as soon as possible.