List Your Venue

To be listed on our s.Venue Finder, venues must have a sustainability plan in place. We do not expect perfection, but we expect a committment by the venue and its staff to increase its sustainability performance.

Venues interested in being listed in our s.Venue Finder should:

  • Be committed to improved sustainability performance.
  • Demonstrate their committment by taking action on various aspects of venue management (procurement, waste, energy, building design, water).
  • Engage their staff and performers in their sustainability goals
  • Inform patrons of their sustainability aims and initiatives.
  • Measure their impacts and disclose their performance.

We encourage venues to join the Julie’s Bicycle Industry Green program to measure performance and be independently performance reviewed.

Step 1. Become a member of the SEA

The first step is to sign up to the Sustainable Event Alliance. You can then get listed in our s.Venue Finder.  By signing up to the Sustainable Event Alliance  you will gain access to a huge range of resources and information on best practice, international standards, as well as access to the s.Supplier databases. It will also link you into the sustainable events community around the world. Join Now

Step 2: Manage your Issues for Improvement

If you have already implemented sustainable changes into your venue please go to Step 3. If you are just beginning your journey towards sustainability follow our Venue Roadmap to assist you along the way. The SEA also has an extensive list of and How-to Guides to make your journey towards sustainability a little easier.

Step 3. Self-Assessment & Listing in s.Venue Finder

Use our Self-Assessment form to confirm your sustainability credentials. This is sent to us also, for considering for listing in the s.Venue Finder. If your venue is addressing a broad range of sustainability issues and is able to provide evidence of this, your venue will be approved for listing in the s.Venue Finder.

Step 4. Use the SEA Membership Logo

Once you have joined the SEA, agreed to our membership charter, have provided information on the sustainability credentials of your venue, and had your venue listed,  you will be permitted to use SEA endorsed supplier logo in association with your venue. This logo is an acknowledgment of your your commitment to improved sustainability performance.