Sara Persson

Leadership Team

Sweden | Animal Rights speciality

My event experience has so far mainly consisted of smaller events for the Swedish animal rights organisation or working on different fairs within veganism or the organic food industry.

However, my involvement with the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018 served as a real eye-opener where the importance of sustainable events was crystal clear.

Depending on the character of the event, a different focus can be applied. This will only enhance the event itself as well as offering a huge platform to get our message out. Regarding the Volvo Ocean Race (around the world sailing competition) the focus was on plastic pollution in our oceans. The combination of the two couldn't have been more accurate and I believe that every event can find an angle like this to promote and rise awareness about sustainability  - without comprising on the actual event itself. It's a classic win-win situation!

So how did I become interested in sustainability? I can't really remember. It all started with a very soft spot for animals. The following realisation that we have to speak for those who can't is the very foundation of my animal rights dedicated lifestyle (trying to avoid the word veganism, since apparently no-one likes a vegan ;-)). Therefore sustainability was somehow always part - either as the natural habit of recycling or as the lack of bottled water in my childhood home. And just like with veganism it is not a sacrifice that will decrease my quality of life - on the contrary: it is a way of living that will allow me to have it.