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The Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA) congratulates Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) for implementing an effective and rigourous event sustainability management system in conformity to international standard ISO 20121.
The SEA conducted an independent and external review (‘Second Party Conformity Assessment’) of GOLDOC’s compliance to ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems.
ISO 20121 was launched in 2012, after several years of development and is fast becoming the accepted benchmark for events across the globe. Implementing an event sustainability management system ensures that the organiser is not just considering sustainability on paper or dealing with sustainability issues in an ad-hoc way, but that consideration for operating a responsible and sustainable event is embedded throughout all the organisation’s operational areas, its supply chain and for the entire project lifecycle.
The standard requires that top management is committed to sustainability and that issues across a broad spectrum are considered – environmental, social responsibility and socio-economic concerns. An additional consideration is building in legacy, in terms of ongoing benefits to the local community and transfer of knowledge into the event and sports industries and supply chain.
In undertaking the independent review, it was apparent that GOLDOC is showing it’s serious about the potential environmental and socio-economic issues and opportunities in putting on this mega sports event. Their intent is backed up by an approach that will ensure all facets of GOLDOC operations will have sustainability management at their heart. The systems established to operate the Games ensure that the sustainability team can engage with all functional areas of the operation, and be confident that the ambitions set for sustainability performance of the Games can be successfully met.

SEA’s Second Party Assessment Service

This Second Party Conformity Assessment of GOLDOC marks the Sustainable Event Alliance being open for business in offering an independent audit service for event organisation’s ISO 20121 system implementation.
Second Party audits are an effective and affordable option for organisations serious about an independent review of their sustainability framework.
The audits are conducted by SEA Accredited Professionals with expertise and a proven track record in event sustainability, and hold training and competency in ISO 20121 implementation and auditing.
Read more about 2nd party audits here:

ISO 20121 Global Registry

The Sustainable Event Alliance has created a Global ISO 20121 Registry for all organisations, events and venues claiming conformity to ISO 20121. The ISO 20121 Registry allows those that have undertaken a conformity assessment to log their details including scope of management system, date, audit level achieved, auditing body competency, and to upload a case study or other information to share with industry peers.
View the registry:

SEA’s ISO 20121 Training

The Sustainable Event Alliance provides self-paced online training courses in ISO 20121. Specifically:

  • ISO 20121 Implementation – for event professionals
  • ISO 20121 Auditing Basics – for event sustainability professionals wishing to learn how to audit
  • ISO 20121 Auditing – for auditing professionals wishing to learn about auditing ISO 20121 with event sustainability context

Enquire about ISO 20121 training.