SEA Roles

We have several levels of involvement for SEA representatives, interns, advisory group and board members.  The following details these duties.

SEA Coordinator/Representative

The Coordinator/Representative is a key figure in representing a certain geographic region or a country and helping build resources for the local industry professionals, but also engage in the conversation regarding sustainable event management, and help bring value to its local development. A Coordinator/Representative must devote to the development of all resources for the specific country or region, required for SEA’s website. The following are presented below:

  • Learning thoroughly SEA’s site and how to operate with it
  • Developing a country/region profile
  • Building a supplier database – an ongoing task, yet a thorough list must be built and uploaded at an early stage
  • Hiring and supervising interns to assist with day-to-day tasks
  • Building awareness within the region/country regarding SEA and what the site offers to event professionals as well as suppliers
  • Attract new members in all respective categories
  • Promote and build alliances between SEA and other strategically chosen associations
  • Engage in the ongoing development of SEA and its programs/tasks by active involvement when calls are made or by providing suggestions for further developments to be undertaken.

SEA Interns

The internship role can be undertaken by any student or a recent graduate with a relevant degree or diploma in event management, tourism, sustainable leadership, environmental issues, or the like. The virtual position provides interns with the opportunity to manage their own time and be involved in the work of SEA no matter their location. The interns must choose a country/region befitting their knowledge and experience, which means it does not necessarily need to be their home country, but a destination which they have thorough knowledge and/or experience of. Every intern can choose the duration of their internship, which is agreed upon prior to its start. Every diligent intern has the option of prolonging the internship or being promoted to a coordinator/representative, as suggested by their supervisor and the SEA Board. Upon successful completion of the internship, a certificate is awarded. Their responsibilities are listed below:

  • Learning thoroughly SEA’s site and how to operate with it
  • Creating a country/region profile (if not already existing)
  • Helping enlarge the supplier database for the country/region, by learning about the sustainability aspects of various areas of the supply chain
  • Help with ongoing tasks and programs undertaken by SEA
  • Support the social media presence of SEA
  • Provide regular reports to the supervisor
  • Support the supervisor with all day-to-day tasks assigned

Advisory Group Member

A selected specialist in a relevant area, such as waste, carbon offsetting, or specifically in event sustainability, are invited to join and advise the board of the Sustainable Event Alliance in the best execution and operation of the organization. The advisory group members present the board with ideas, validity of SEA’s position on various events sustainability concerns and the like. The advisory group members have no rights in voting on matters of the organization, or any legal fiduciary responsibility. They are further obliged to:

  • Be the voice for SEA within the industry and their relevant sector
  • Provide a flow of ideas and information regarding new trends and news from their sector
  • Offer advice, suggestions and feedback on the overall operation of the SEA

SEA Board Member

Members of the board are the legal representatives of the SEA and ensure the implementation of the association's constitution, that all dealings are transparent, and that the financial control of the association meets the requirements of Incorporated Associations under the Associations Act of Australia. The board determines membership fees, approves programs and protocols for inclusion and endorsement of third parties by the SEA.