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SecondBite-logoIn Australia, we throw away an unbelievable amount of perfectly edible food every day.
At the same time, a growing number of Australians find themselves struggling to make ends meet. 

In the course of a year, around 3.6 million Australians find themselves unable to afford enough food to feed themselves or their families. For more than 1 million of these people, this is not a one-off, but a regular occurrence. The reasons behind this are complicated, but the bottom line isn’t – in short: we throw good food away while people go hungry. That doesn’t make sense.
SecondBite redistributes surplus fresh food to community food programs around Australia. Food is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events. This high-quality surplus food is redistributed to community food programs that support people in need  from all walks of life.
We work with over 1,300 community food programs across Australia to redistribute rescued food to those in our community who need it most. The organisations we work with make a real difference to people’s lives, providing food, support, hope and friendship. For as long as we are needed, we will be here.