ISO 20121:

Conformity Assessment

The Sustainable Event Alliance offers an independent assessment service of your ISO 20121 conformity. Assessment are undertaken by event sustainability experts.

Get conformity ready

ISO 20121

First thing is to actually buy a copy of the standard, read and understand it! If you're stuck at this point, you may want to enrol in our online training.

ISO 20121

Once you define the scope of your system, you will then establish the elements and implement it. Remember to gather evidence.

ISO 20121

Firstly you will get 'conformity-ready' by undergoing an internal audit. Then you'll apply for 2nd Party Conformity Assessment by the SEA.

Assessment steps

  • Request a 2nd Party Assessment
  • Desktop review of systems
  • Video call interviews
  • Live assessment if deemed essential
  • Conformity confirmed
  • Certificate of conformity provided
  • Listed in the ISO 20121 Global Register
  • SEA announces your achievement

What's the cost to be assessed?

Second Party conformity assessment starts at €2000. A quote will be prepared and final cost is based on the scale and complexity of your organisation’s event activities and whether a live visit to your event is assessed as necessary.

Who should be assessed? 

Second party conformity assessment is suitable for events and event organisers of all sizes and types who wish to have independent assessment of their sustainability claims and performance. 

Who conducts the assessment?

Our worldwide team of highly experienced and industry-leading professionals use their expert knowledge in implementing event sustainability management systems and solutions to conduct audits of conformity to ISO 20121.

All our assessors are SEA Accredited Specialists.

It goes without saying that our assessors meet the competencies outlined in ISO IEC 17021-4.

How does the audit work?

Once you confirm your agreement to undergo the assessment and a quotation is agreed, you will be assigned an assessor.

They will contact you to plan an assessment schedule. This will include a kick-off meeting to establish the best method for document viewing. 

You may be required to answer questions in a form, and to provide documents if they are able to be shared. 

The assessment will include interviews with identified key stakeholder, most usually staff and agreed major sub-contractors.

At the outset, if it is determined that a live visit is needed, that will also be undertaken.

Why 2nd party and not 3rd party?

A second party assessments should be undertaken by someone that has a good understanding of your organisation and event type. At the Sustainable Event Alliance, as a professional guild of experienced event sustainability people, we are spoilt for choice of great assessors!

In 3rd party audits the auditor very rarely has events sector experience, and few have deep sustainability or events sustainability knowledge. These auditors are often more concerned with your legal register than stakeholder engagement or authentically identifying and addressing sustainability issues. We used event sustainability experts trained in auditing. It will feel more like a peer review than an inquisition. Our assessors will give you excellent guidance and 'continual improvement' suggestions that you can actually apply.

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