ISO 20121 Second Party Conformity Assessment Service

Sustainable Event Alliance offers an independent assessment of your ISO 20121 implementation by event sustainability accredited professionals.

The new international standard ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems offers a credible framework to manage sustainability, ensuring continual improvement, and providing verifiable recognition of sustainability outcomes and performance claims.

Sustainable Event Alliance conducts Second Party Assessments for conformity to ISO 20121. All evidence provided is confidential, and our auditors will sign non-disclosure agreements.

Who Should Go for Second Party Auditing?

Second party conformity assessment is suitable for events and event organisers of all sizes and types who wish to have independent assessment of their sustainability claims and performance. Our '2nd Party' conformity scheme allows you to be audited by industry experts in event sustainability trained in implementing and auditing ISO 20121.

Who Conducts the Audit?

Our worldwide team of highly experienced and industry-leading professionals use their expert knowledge in implementing event sustainability management systems and solutions to conduct audits of conformity to ISO 20121. All our auditors meet the competencies outlined in ISO IEC 17021-4.

What's the Cost?

Second Party conformity assessment starts at US$1000. A quote will be prepared and final cost is based on the scale and complexity of your organization’s event activities and whether a live visit to your event is assessed as necessary.

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What are the steps?

Before ready for auditing, you must create your management system framework and implement it within your organisation. These steps include:

  1. Buy a copy of the standard!
  2. Read the standard and the annex guidance.
  3. Define the scope of your management system.
  4. Develop your management system, ensuring all requirements are in place.
  5. Implement your system against a sample event activity.
  6. Collect evidence during your event life cycle.
  7. Get conformity ready by conducting an internal audit/self assessment.
  8. Ensure you have all your evidence readily available to provide to an auditor.

Once you've implemented the standard and are 'conformity ready', then you'll...


  1. Request a quote for 2nd Party assessment with the Sustainable Event Alliance.
  2. The SEA assesses whether your event or organisation will require a face-to-face assessment or whether a remote and desktop audit is sufficient. The quotation is prepared and sent.
  3. Accept the quotation and prepare your evidence for easy access by the Auditor. (guidance is provided)
  4. A desktop audit is conducted to undertake a document and evidence review.
  5. Interview are held (phone/video conference) with relevant and agreed staff and stakeholders.
  6. A live audit conducted if it has previously deemed to be necessary.
  7. Conformity assessment confirmed & communications material provided.
  8. Promote your achievement!

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