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An Eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable cup with a patented design that allows you to safely carry as many drink filled cups as you can with one hand!!!

Stack-Cup™ boasts a unique patented handle design that enables spiral-pattern stacking for easy portability. Stack-Cup™ is washable, durable, and reusable – the perfect green solution for contributing to today’s growing revolution against a throw-away society.
Stack-Cup™ reduces the number of cups/glasses required to cater for an event. It can be used and washed more than a 1000 times and it is 100% recyclable. Disposable cups littering the ground after events – such a visible and costly form of waste – are a familiar eye sore. We provide a solution to this problem.
The benefit of using Stack-Cup™ rather than disposable plastic or paper cups results in a significant decrease in waste and CO2 output. Find more detail in our complete life cycle assessment and sustainability study.
Stack-Cup™ can be used in several ways as described below. You choose which option best suit your needs.
(where food and safety regulations allow) Users have the option between:

  • taking the cups home with them
  • handing the cups back in

A recycling station will be provided by you.
You rent the cups from us and send them back to Stack-Cup™ headquarters in Belgium or the local washing facility/stock depot.
You buy the cups from us and source washing facilities. This can be either on or off site.
Deposit/refund system
We recommend that you employ a deposit/refund system. Users pay an initial deposit for the use of the cup. Once they bring the cup back their deposit is refunded. This way you are more likely to get cups back at the end of the day.