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Stroodles - Sustainable & Biodegradable Food & Beverage Solutions

Sustainable & Biodegradable solutions for catering events: Making small sustainable changes , 'One Stroodle at a time'

Pasta drinking straws

Vegan friendly

Plastic pollution is recognised as a major global problem, with the EU banning plastic straws by 2021. The challenge is finding an alternative that compares on cost, while not compromising drinking experience. Needing a solution, paper and PLA straws have been widely adopted, although paper straws are strongly disliked as they compromise drinking experience, and PLA is still often perceived as plastic & facilities to dispose of them are not properly in place (hence not really biodegradable).

So, to solve the plastic and soggy paper straw problem, we have lovingly engineered super smooth, naturally golden pasta straws (STROODLES) which are 1+ hour strong, flavourless, 100% biodegradable (wheat and water), edible and vegan. However, Stroodles is not just another straw company - we are a movement! Stroodling demonstrates how easy it can be to do good for the environment while still enjoying a drink at the same time. With Stroodles, people don’t have to change behaviours, nor compromise the drinking experience. We want to inspire the world to do good - just one stroodle at a time! We want to be a gateway to easy sustainable choices and a vehicle for change, enabling and subtly inspiring questioning of daily consumption decisions in an easy and uncompromising fashion. Becoming a gateway for change will enable us to leave a long term impact on plastic waste, by freeing the world of soggy paper and plastic straws, and on people’s behaviour patterns and thinking, as we subconsciously make them think and rethink their lifestyles! And beyond that we donate a share of Stroodles’ profits to ocean cleaning charities.