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Our Selection Process:

The first step is to identify what is best practice for sustainability performance in each industry sector.

Next we identify which certifications or ecolabel programs exist in the supplier category in each country or internationally. Suppliers which meet their industry sectors accepted certification programs are listed.

If no certification exists or if a supplier is not certified but still has verifiable initiatives in place, that meet the accepted best practice for the category, the supplier is listed.

Consultants, trainers or auditors in event sustainability must have completed the SEA Accredited Professional programme before they can get listed in the Supplier Database or use the SEA logo.

We look into what credentials each supplier has at an organisational level as well as the products and services they provide the event industry.

Suppliers do not need to be SEA members to be listed, however they cannot use the SEA logo if they are not a member. Suppliers that wish to join the SEA can do so here.

  • This is what will appear on your supplier database listing - so please write everything you want to in here about your offering.
  • In no more than two paragraphs, please describe how your product, service or company meets the highest sustainability credentials in your sector. If more you have more than this amount of information, please include a url through to a link on your website which has the full information. Note any external certifications you have achieved, or any programs which acknowledge your efforts in sustainability. This information will be used to assess your sustainability credentials and consideration for inclusion on our supplier database as an 'endorsed supplier'. It is recommended that this information is also included in your proposed 'posting'/'listing' as our members are interested in your sustainability credentials as well as your product or service offering.
  • This is so we can contact you only. Only your website address will be listed on your post.
  • If you supply all over a country, just put the country name. If more than one country, list the countries, if international (most or all countries) put 'International'. If you supply only to a city or region within a city, put that down. If several states or territories of a country, but not all, list those states/territories, along with the country/s
  • Hold down ctrl or cmd to select more than one category. If your category isn't listed, just choose any one category and then send us an email - - explaining what your category should be and that the one you selected was just to get the form processed.