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Membership Charter Form - Organisations

I agree to comply with the SEA Membership Charter.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • Please do not use personal email addresses at your company if you are likely to leave! Your email will not be shared or posted on our website.
  • Your email will not be displayed, only website addresses that you provide above.
  • Your email will not be displayed but you can choose to share it directly with other members. Members will be able to direct message you on Slack.
  • We send out one welcome email and then VERY FEW follow up emails to make special announcements, and newsletters. Make your choice!
  • Please include one or two paragraphs to go with your member profile on the SEA website.
Please submit any products, services and solutions that help sustainable event production, for a listing on this website.
All listings will be assessed by the SEA before being uploaded.
Selection Criteria

Suppliers are expected to meet the highest level of sustainability performance (accreditation/certification) available in their industry sector.

To get listed suppliers need to:

  • Help the events industry to operate more sustainably.
  • Have an organisational sustainability policy or equivalent commitment
  • Have initiatives in place to manage sustainability issues in relation to their company operations, the manufacture of their products, or the operations logistics of the service they provide.
  • Meet best practice in their industry sector in terms of accepted sustainability performance.
  • Where relevant, they should hold certification, industry association membership, industry standard or other independent monitoring of their performance.
  • Be recommended by an SEA member, event or organisation that has used their product or service.

Sustainable Event Consultants:

Consultants, trainers or auditors in event sustainability must have completed the SEA Accredited Professional programme before they can get listed in the Supplier Database.

The Sustainable Event Alliance is a professional guild for event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts.

Our supplier and solutions databases help you fast track your event towards being clean, green, zero-waste, fair, friendly, and climate responsible.

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