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Are you ready to produce events that are good for you and for the planet?

Get started in sustainable event management with us: training, tools, templates, tips and support.

This is a professional development programme that will prepare you to make quick and effective decisions when managing complex sustainability issues at your events. Programme content is broken down into simple, implementable steps. At the end of each module you'll be ready to take immediate action, keeping the boss, sponsors and event attendees happy and satisfied, by delivering a beautifully-produced event that is good for all.

Courses include:


Build a solid foundation with sustainability literacy, executive strategy, and issues identification.

Toward Zero Waste:

Knowledge and tools to have your next event moving towards (maybe even reaching) zero waste.

Climate Responsible:

Understanding how to produce an event towards net zero emissions. Reducing, measuring and reporting event GHGs.  

Events with Purpose:

Defining purpose-driven events that consider purposeful partnerships, social responsibility, and inclusivity. 

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