Sydney Showground

The Sydney Showgrounds, home to Sydney's Royal Easter Show, provides another example of innovative environmental design.


  • The design and orientation of the Sydney Showground maximises natural light and ventilation and is another example of integrated energy efficient technology.
  • Where artificial lighting is required, carefully positioned energy efficient lights are used in combination with light sensors, photosensitive switches, luminaries and reflectors, greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • Natural ventilation is the preferred mechanism for controlling the ambient air temperature inside the Pavilions and exhibition halls. Exhibition Halls (2, 3 and 4) are completely naturally ventilated via inlet louvres at the ground level, ventilation channels in the floor and outlets in the apex of the roof. All the exhibition halls have roof and wall insulation.
  • Exhibition Hall 1 is the only hall to utilise air conditioning via a displacement system, which is designed to direct air only to the occupied zones (dramatically reducing the total volume of conditioned air).
  • The use of these energy efficient technologies results in an estimated energy saving of approximately 20% reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 1750 tonnes per year

Rooftop rainwater collection system
Connected to Sydney Olympic Park Authority's recycled water system (WRAMS) for toilet flushing and irrigationStormwater management - pollution control devices

Waste recycling rates for  the Showground is 60%.