What if my client doesn’t care?

The event organiser can have a policy which could include as an issue – highlighting the need for a sustainable event management system to be activated in association with a client’s event. If that client will not provide any required resources to successfully implement a management system in relation to the event, then as long as the event organiser details and reports this, the event organiser will still be in compliance with the standard.

However, it is the actual implementation of the actions needed to deliver the most sustainable event which is important! The drivers for embracing sustainability in event management if not from within the event owner’s organisation, then can only come from external pressure from interested parties. Until an event owner feels the need to be responsible, there is not much an event organiser contracted to that client can do. Continue to chip away, lead by example and highlight the benefits in keeping up with industry best practice. Look to the client’s CSR reporting requirements and remind the client that producing an event sustainably will meet those goals. (if they have them!)