Why do we need it? Do we need it?

It goes without saying that addressing sustainable development issues in the event industry is a must, yes we need to.

But what about the standard? It is not mandatory, however it is envisaged that it will become minimum accepted practice. There is increasing pressure to address sustainability in all sectors of society, industry and commerce. Those with stakeholders to report CSR performance to, will certainly benefit from implementing the management system.

Without a standard to follow, it will be incumbent on each event organiser to establish their own processes to achieve improved sustainability performance. Without an easy entry point, it is likely to be a long time coming until the critical mass of the event industry takes on sustainable development issues in depth, at length and with thorough success, as the effort required to go from a standing start is immense and may be a barrier to uptake.

As the level of understanding of sustainable development increases in general society and in the events industry specifically, we will find an increasing need to formalize the processes in addressing it in our organisations. Taking a systematic approach to problem solving is the natural next step as the industry gains knowledge and understanding of sustainable development and its issues relating to event production. The establishment of a management system and guidance for use will enable those so interested, to track through the stages needed to address sustainable development issues without having to commence from a standing start. It provides a proven pathway to identifying and successfully managing sustainable development issues within the event industry and importantly, to embed those learnings into the event organisation for continued improved success.